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Leading Institutional Investor Moving Yale Endowment Toward Crypto


We go through a lot of news from wide-ranging sources here at Crypto.IQ, keeping our ear to the ground, our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world of crypto.

Along with talking to sources all over the globe, watching charts and markets and babysitting social media, this is how we spot trends and cut through the BS that seems to fertilize this place.

And that’s why this piece caught our eye. Mike Novogratz is known for being bullish on crypto, so while we listen, we also like to do our own research, as we recommend you do for yourself whenever possible.

What he calls attention to in this tweet caught our attention as well, as it should yours.

One of the top institutional investors, the guy who came up with THE allocation model for stocks, a man who is a legend in endowment money management: Dave Swensen is bringing crypto to Yale’s portfolio in a much bigger way than it already is. In this newest move, Yale is among a group of investors that raised $400 million to invest in digital assets.

Swenson, with Dean Takahashi, invented The Yale Model an application of the modern portfolio theory commonly known in the investing world as the “Endowment Model. His investing philosophy, known as the “Swensen Approach.”

This is Yale’s second toe dip into crypto. Its endowment is also a longtime investor in Andreessen Horowitz that recently launched a $300 million crypto fund, according to CNBC.

Originally published on Crypto.IQ on October 5, 2018 by Cathy Zollo


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